Ithaca Youth Lead The Way In Protest Against Trump And Tom Reed This Afternoon


“We are a group of high school students from LACS, New Roots Charter School and Ithaca High School who are appalled at Trump’s election and the Democrats who are willing to cooperate with his hateful agenda. Our local representatives in Ithaca and Tompkins County are no exception.

Many of us are not old enough to have voted in the 2016 election — even though our lives and our futures are now at risk. We may not be old enough to vote but we are going to make our voices heard.”

This is the message of a group of teenagers from Ithaca’s high schools who have organized a protest against Donald Trump and Congressman Tom Reed. The protesters will be urging Democratic elected leaders to stand firm in resisting Donald Trump, and demanding that Tom Reed end his support for the dangerous Trump agenda.

It begins at 5:30 PM today, December 1, outside of City Hall.

Read more at the protest’s Facebook event page.