Young Ithacans Prepare To Protest Donald Trump and Tom Reed

Ithaca against Donald bigly

Less than one hour before the event, teenagers across Ithaca are gathering in homes, restaurants, and classrooms. They’re preparing the signs of our times: Sings in protest against President Elect Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump protest signThis protest is also focusing on elected officials representing Ithaca and the surrounding area in local, state, and federal governments. In particular, the protesters meeting today are directing their outrage at Tom Reed, the 23rd congressional district representative in the U.S. Congress.

Although our district has been sharply divided by the Trump campaign between supporters and opponents of the incoming administration, Congressman Reed has decided to take significant time away from the work he was elected to do… in order to moonlight as Vice Chair of the Trump Transition instead.

We’ve got a suggestion for Tom Reed: If he wants to go work with Steve Bannon and Donald Trump so much, why doesn’t he resign his seat in Congress, take a job in the Trump White House as Deputy Assistant of the Department of Something or Other, and allow the people of the 23rd congressional district to elect a more effective leader in his place?

Anti-Trump protest signs

Students Against Trump

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Protest Against Tom Reed