Raised Fist Against Trump

Ithaca Taking Action

December 5, 2016 Admin 0

Yesterday afternoon, Ithaca Taking Action held a meeting in downtown Ithaca to continue its work of organizing responses to the election of Donald Trump. Working groups deliberated and planned actions on a wide range of topics ranging from climate, legislative outreach, teach-ins, youth organization, media […]

Not My President

Ithaca Youth Lead Protest Against Donald Trump and Tom Reed

December 4, 2016 Admin 0

Late Thursday afternoon, as the evening darkness gathered around them, teenagers from Ithaca’s high schools assembled outside City Hall. Their purpose: To express opposition to the agenda of President-Elect Donald Trump, and to urge Democratic elected officials in joining this opposition. For a half an […]

Ithaca against Donald bigly

Young Ithacans Prepare To Protest Donald Trump and Tom Reed

December 1, 2016 Admin 0

Less than one hour before the event, teenagers across Ithaca are gathering in homes, restaurants, and classrooms. They’re preparing the signs of our times: Sings in protest against President Elect Donald Trump. This protest is also focusing on elected officials representing Ithaca and the surrounding […]

Raised Fist Against Trump

Ithaca Taking Action Meeting On Sunday!

December 1, 2016 Admin 0

This Sunday, December 4, at 2:00 PM at Acting Out New York, Ithaca Taking Action will be holding a working meeting to plan and implement activism in response to the election of Donald Trump. New members are welcome. Ithaca Taking Action already has several working […]

Welcome to Ithaca Against Trump

December 1, 2016 Admin 0

Donald Trump is the most dangerous, most dishonest, most derogatory, most deranged, most deplorable President of the United States our nation has ever faced. After entering the White House without the mandate of a popular vote victory, with the disapproval of over half the American […]

Ithaca Activism

Get Involved! Help Build Ithaca Against Trump.

November 9, 2016 Admin 0

Want to get involved in building Ithaca Against Trump? Do you have articles, photographs, or video of anti-Trump activism from Ithaca that you’d like to publish here? Have other ideas? Leave a comment here, and you’ll be contacted very soon with information about how you […]